Venice Fishing Pier

Venice Fishing Pier Florida
Jutting straight into the water, the Venice Fishing Pier is what puts the word pier in Sharky's on the Pier. From just a gentle, romantic stroll out to watch the sunset or for die hard fishers, this pier includes a bait shop and plenty of locals willing to have a chat.

"A great place to watch the locals haul in fish. they are friendly people, and will point out whatever interesting is floating around the pier," said Crumpet of New York.

And don't worry if you are into fishing and forgot your gear. James of Virginia points out "You can rent gear and buy bait if you didn't bring your own."

Oh yes, and it's free and requires no license to fish from the pier. "It's a nice, easy walk and gives you a great view of the coastline. You can watch folks fish off the pier. And it's free! The Venice Beach area is pretty and has natural landscaping and isn't crowded," said Dena of Colorado.

"Was able to see a few dolphins!" Val of Nebraska.

Don't take Val's word for it. Here's a video from Cryptic Cricket as he takes a little stroll along the Venice Fishing Pier one day taking in all the activity.

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